Saturday, October 9, 2010

Smokey eyes

I'm a really huge fan of smokey eyes. They are so sexy and perfect for (almost) every situation and they get never boring. But if the "extremem"smokey eyes are a little bit too much for you and you don't find a special occasion to put it on, why don't you try the semi smokey eye look (more natural)? Sexy as well as elegant.
And now some pictures to enjoy.

I think it gets boring if I just post pictures that I collected on the www. Yes, it' inspiring but it's not really personalizing my blog 100%. And because of that I am planning to post more about my style, makeup, life etc. I just have to get into university at the end of this month ( Hope that they are accepting me...wish me luck guys!),buy a new camera and get some free time. Hopefully, everything will  be available until the beginning of next month. Advice, tips and inspirations are welcome :)

Last but not least, something funny that I found on the internet (source unknown)
                                                      The fast way to get smokey eyes :

P.s: Ugh, I can't fit the pictures in all the same size. Looks ugly.
Btw,Check out my 2nd blog bld-breakfastlunchdinner as well. It's all about food!

pictures are from here, here, here,  and here


STACY said...

ooh pretty!
too bad I suck at make up, I can't do the smokey eye thing haha.


Marloes. said...

thankyou ;)
I love the smokey eyes!!

Kathleen Carla. said...

agree so much! i adore smoky eyes. wish i could do it everyday haha. lovely inspiring pics :).

L said...

In response to your question about my photos, I use to edit it, it's a photo-editing site and real easy to use!
also, I hope you come back and visit my blog, and maybe follow if you like!

melliefee said...
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Anonymous said...

like your bloog
and its so stylish

i follow you
it will be great if u will follow me too

nicky said...

I love the pictures you posted! Gone visit u alway! <3 nicky ;0)

Alina Bonita said...

i like all these make up stuff)
All of them look so beautiful
nice post