Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get busy living, or get busy dying

I'm the worst blogger ever! I didn't updated for nearly two weeks!
Haha but I have a good excuse. I was so busy preparing for university. Had interviews which freaked me really out and made me totally nervous. Actually, I had my last one today...and I really messed it up. Seriously, no joke.
But now everything is over and I can't do anything except waiting. This makes me nervous as well. I wonder and worry if they are going to take me or not. I worry about the scenario " What if everyone of them refuse me?"
But I can't just worry for the next few weeks so I made some to do lists because
“The busy have no time for tears.”
I'm really addicted to making lists. Not only the normal "to do lists" but the "to buy lists" ,"to watch lists" and the "to blah blah blah lists".
So, now I want to share them with you :D

Actually there are more movies that I want to watch.
Definitely going to rewatch Grease, Dirty dancong and Breakfast at Tiffany's

Do you have any recomendations? Any good music or movies that you really want to recommend?
Or maybe some things(anything) that might be fun.
If yes, please share them with me. I would be really glad to hear your thoughts!

Last but not least, another question for you :
Which pair of shoes do you like more?
I know that they look similar... and that's why it's so difficult to pick one :(


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wow this post was long.

 I'm now going to respond each lovely comment that you left me as I was absent.
Oh, and a big thank you for my new and old followers <3



melliefee said...
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Becca. said...

love all your to-do lists :)

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Joellen said...

I totally organize my plans and thoughts like this too! I make little flow charts of different things I'm going to buy if such-and-such situations occur haha. I need a tripod too!

impressionsforbreakfast said...

danke :)
ich verfolge dich ja auch via bloglovin...;)
xxx Marilena

sabine said...

Toller Post. Deine To do Liste bzw. deine Must Have Liste find ich richtig, richtig gut. Du wirst abonniert :)

Kathleen Carla. said...

love your to-do lists! very visual, looves it :). and the boots are amazing. good choices to pick from! :)
<3, KC.

kirstyb said...

thanks for sharing xxx

Jessica said...

cute post!! :D :D
about the shoes, the first pict, i prefer the B one :D
and for the 2nd pict, i prefer the A one!!
couldn't wait to see the real ones you buy!

Isabel said...

i prefer both A options :)

i was teaching english at a hagwon. i love korea and i miss it so much!

thesydneygirl said...

love your lists! SO creative! good luck in the giveaway! :) xxx

Nicollette said...

Nice post...

Thanks for commenting my blog !

Becca. said...

love love love all those gorgeous boots!!!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

liana said...

love your "to watch" list.

diana kang said...

you must watch the hangover and the blindside! they are classics!! & i love kim min hee and everything about her!

Anonymous said...

Vielen dank ,das ist sehr lieb von dir!:)
Na klaar!Ich werde dich gleich verfolgen:)
Liebe Grüße♥

behindblueeyes said...

great post! Love your blog

SummerLee said...

thx :)

oh du hast shoppingtechnisch sooo glück dass du in korea bist :((

lg summer :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

I love making lists! And for shoes, I like the first "B" shoes. : ) said...

lovely post

impressionsforbreakfast said...

ohh ja, ich muss mir auch immer listen und inspirationen aufschreiben, kleben, malen :)
xxx isabel

Karima Illustration said...

I love to write lists :)

I don't know what's your kind of music, but I really like
"NeverShoutNever" All of his songs are good, but I bought his last album "Harmony", and I can't stop listening this cd :) I love the song "First Dance" ♥

Go watch the video, it's really funny and tell me what you think about it! :)



skeletaldreams said...

UP is the most fantastic movie ever, i hope you enjoyed it x