Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Deep purple colored satin skirt with ribbon by F21/ lace layerd skirt by F21/ red pencil dress by F21/ light blue chiffon skirt with flowers from a streetshop in Korea/ grey skirt with a somewhat unique front by F21/redwine colored tight mini skirt from a korean street shop

So much skirts from F21! I just love forever 21. They have so much pretty things for a reasonable price. Anyways, it's getting pretty cold over here these days. So much wind - cool and breezy. I just love fall! It's such a shame that the fall seasons are getting shorter and shorter. Uni. life is getting more hectic than it was before and I wonder if I can keep up with all this stuff... and all the other stuff that surrounds me. Hope you guys are doing all great and enjoy your autumn days.

P.S.: I'm thinking about renaming my blog... would that be a good idea?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Goodbye summer

 @Han river , sandals from unknown streetshop