Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Make me up

So finally, here it  is! A post that is a little bit more..hmm... lets say "personal". It's not a collaboration of pictures that I have found on the internet. I took them myself (such as all the food pictures on this blog and here) with my cheap/bad digital camera. Anyways, today I wanted to share some of my make up products with you(wrote some comment in brackets).  So here they are!
Explanations are form the left to the right.

Nature Republic Liquid eyeliner (not that easy to use if you're not used to)
Maybelline Volume Epress Mascara, waterproof)
Maybelline Magnum Volume Express, waterproof (prefer it over the Volume Express mascara)
Eye under brightner (you can cover up dark circles under your eye)
Innisfree Gel eyeliner (prefer it over pencil and liquid eyeliner :))

Barbie lipgloss collection pink,orange,red
Nature Republich beige-rosa lipstick (not really  my color I think)
Ettude House Nude colored Lipstick (love the color!)
Ettude House orange colored lipstick ( the color is really pretty)
Missha Nude Colored Lip rouge
Ettude House Tint Chou (great for daily makeup. looks "fresh")
Innisfree Coconut smell lipgloss (transparent, and it does not really smells like coconuts)
Dior lip liner
Tonymoly Magic Tint ( don't really remember what its name is but the color changes from green to a beautiful shade of pink if you apply it on your lips)
Purple shade lipgloss (got in from a friend from London)
Aveeno lip balm (love it! got it for free as a magazine gift)

lipstick - detailed color
There are some lipsticks on this picture that I didn't photographed on the picture above.

The same picture only a little bit darker. So that you know how it will look in places where it's dark & bright:)

Some free samples I have. Actually, I have a LOT of these things! Really comfortableto use if you run out of your lotion, cream etc because they are all sample sized!

Clio Art shadow, pink + nude (too much glitter I think)
Baviphat orange beige eyeshadow
Innisfree grey-black eyeshadow
Innisfree pencil eyeliner (not going to buy this again)

Nature Republic Aeromix Foundation
Innisfree floral sheer base (one of my favorite items. Really loving it.)
Innisfree B.B cream (prefer foundation over B.B cream. Actually, if you mix foundation with moisture cream it's a lot better)
Innisfree Herb no serum powder (one of my favorites as well)
Nature Republic Aeromix Compact powder
Missha concealer (no picture)

Innisfree green tea mist (great if you have dry skin)
Missha Ginger foot cream (that smell is delicious!)
Ginger Foot spray (delicious smell as well)
Wella Hair Foundation (got it for free as I was buying NYLON
Innisfree suncream 45 ( has a base function)
Innisfree suncream 35 (smells good :))
Nivea fresh natural deodrant

My nivea (labello) lipstick collection. I'm totally in love with those things. Especially the strawberry one. I think I used more than ten of them. It's sad that not all colors are available here :(

Hope you loved this post.
and I think you noticed  that I love Innisfree :)

Note: Nature Republic, Ettude House, baviphat and Innisfree are Korean cosmetic brands.

P.s: Have a look at bld-breakfastlunchdinner
 as well!


PaolinaBM said...


adorable blog! Following you! Follow mine if you wish!


minnja said...

Gorgeous of course! I love it :)))))



Isabel said...

i love under eye highlighters and brighteners...i use YSL's Touch Eclat and I LOVE it!

Alice said...

I love your Labello collection!;)
The Starfruit one is my favourite.
xx, Alice

that girl lucy said...

that yellow maybelline express is amazing, my favourite <3

Luisa said...

Jaa, ich dachte mir auch so für 15 € so einen Blazer da sagt man doch nicht nein, aber naja er ist doch ein bisschen riesig :D mal gucken. Ich muss sagen du hats eine wirklich große Auswahl an Kosmetikprodukten & besonders Labellos, wow :)

Spence. said...

I love the nivea lipstick collection, all the colours make me smile ;)

Ashley said...

Wonderful collection! Looks like you've got a bunch of luffly things. I have mascara from that same Maybelline line...great, isn't it?

I checked out your food blog: all the pictures are awesome! Makes me hungry.

Schokoflocke said...

wow, you got many labellos!!!

Thx for following :)

Kathleen Carla. said...

loovely post! Like all the pics! Nice collection of make-up girl. I use the same mascara! Lovee it. Still trying to find the best liquid eyeliner, i'm thinking MAC fluid line? Thanks so much for your opinion on my post, helps a lot :).
<3 KC

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

ooh so many pretty colors! i'm in the market for a good purple lipstick.

Esther said...

so lovely :) the donald duck picture is too cute. i love your candid entries & inspiration posts. am going to follow you! also, do you follow any korean blogs & if you do, care to recommend some to me? :) i love anything korean & i understand alot of koreans have blogs but my korean is too basic for me to be able to search around >.<

Amelia Siah said...

Hey there I saw ur picture of mascaras. Im from Malaysia. I've been using Maybelling mascara for more than a decade. I still find Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express (with silver cap and silver wordings - very black waterproof) the best. However it is discontinued in Malaysia d. Is it still being sold in Seol? Pls reply me thanks!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello !!!!!
I'm a labello addict, and i've seen your collection, they are so wonderful ! Do you have still them ? Maybe we can make some exchange ???
Hope that you'll write me :)

You can visit my blog too

See you soon,

justsoyouknow said...

I soo love those cosmetics you have. it just show how detailed you are. You are such a tease as even just right now i am itching to buy some beauty products online, similar to yours. ;)