Saturday, December 22, 2012

The world didn't end. Lets eat again

Korean style black noodles called zza zang noodle./ chicke cooked in oven/ chicken in cream sauce/ spanish hot chocolate/ Churros with dark chocolate/ simple salad/ seasoned rice filled in fried tofu bags/ krispy cream cheesecake doughnut/ doughnut cut in half/ hot chocolate with whipping cream/ honey butter bread with whipping cream/ wraps with chicken and tomatoes/ cheesecake/pretzles with cheese sauce/ sushi/in between snacks/ cheese platter/ McDonalds oreso mcflurry/ KFC chicken basket/ brwonie

Finals are over and I'm back again. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

One girly day

Oriental orange ring hair band by Red Eye/ Flower corset hairband by Red Eye/ Rhinestone flower hairband by Forever 21

Another week is over.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flowers and leopards

flower + leopard printed scarfs and flower + leopard printed bags all by H&M

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Inspire me, reminiscence

These picture were all taken at the end of 2011 until 2012 summer. 
1~7: summer 2012. Pictures taken from a trip alone at the Bukchon village (traditional village in seoul). The wild berry tea on the first picture wasn't as good as I expected. Way too hot weather to walk around but still managed it. Was kind of proud of me. Have to do it again but not on such a hot day.
8,9,26 : spring->summer 2012. Date with my boyfriend to Ewha womens university. This uni. is near to our uni and it's really famous for its pretty flours. 
10: Winter 2012. Super cold day in winter. Random cafe in Hongdae. The owner had 4 or 5 cats. All super cute but had no interests for the people there. Maybe they had enough of them. Maybe they just wanted more cat friends. 
11: Crepe Restaurant owned by a French chef. A little bit expensive and not as good as I thought but the interior was nice.
12,13,14:  Pizza House in Itaewon./ Best lemonade I had ever! But unfortunately they changed the recipe and it's not as good as it was./ Visit to a flower shop + cafe on my birthday. 
15-18: Visit to a Cafe. Nice interior. Expensive beverage. Not a place that sticks really in your mind.
19,20: Cafe 042. This place was owned by a young lady. Reminded me again that I really want to own a little unique cafe by my own in the (near)future.
21,22: Han River in summer. 
23,24-25: Blossoms near my uni./ Somewhere in the forests.
26,27,28: spring trip./ near the city hall./ lunch with my mom. should spend more time with my mom.
29-30,31: A really petite cafe. Super cute. Sold "flowers in pots cakes".  But it was freezing cold./ Loved the chandelier at this bar. I wished I had one at my home.
32: Random magazine shoot. Was eager to post them on my blog..and I did. Have to get rid of being lame and update more. 
33-35: Bukchon village. Not alone this time. 
36,37,38,39: Takeout drawing. A somewhat famous place over here. Not sure why it is so famous though./ Favorite labello and chewed gum./ A to Z. Nice cafe + restaurant. They have so many Ikea stuff but it manages to have an antique look. Loving it. / This place was SO pink. Really, I have never seen such a pink place with laces everywhere!
40-14,42: (One of the) best Ice sherbets. A shame that there aren't many franchise shops./ A scene that you get to see many times at Hongdae.

These days I'm thinking a lot. I'm just thinking about nothing, about the past, about the present or about the future. I also think about the "what if" situations. Sometimes my thought are serious and sometimes they are just "day dream thoughts". And sometimes I get inspired by my own thoughts. If I look at a movie or the pictures that I took I think - that (your) thought are  inspirations, too.
The things that you watch,listen or read are just the trigger. Maybe we are our own inspiration but we don't realize that.
Pictures, places,books and movies - these are the things/triggers that make me think and get inspired.
How do you get inspired? And if you get once inspired do you really cut the cackle?