Friday, July 13, 2012

A present for yourself or finding your diamond

1. Maxis

2. Minis
3. White

4. Black

I'm so into maxi skirts these days. But I recognized that I'm not the only one. Whether I'm watching TV, reading magazines or surfing the internet. The trend is MAXI! Although I'm in love with them I have just two maxi skirts. I know it's ironical.. but you know.. when something is really pretty it's too expensive and it's kind of difficult to find pretty clothes with good quality - you have to search for them. It's like searching for YOUR special diamond in a mountain full of diamond AND rhinestones. And if you are successful you're happy like a little child, getting a reward for something s/he did. Except..with the clothes.. you have to pay for them yourself. But isn't it always great to buy a present for yourself? But I have to say that I'm also a big fan of mini skirts. They just have a different charm than the maxis. I actually wanted to post just about the maxis but it was so much fun to work with polyvore. You have to know that this was my very first time using this site! So I decided to create a collage with black and white clothes - my favorite "cloth colors". I think I got slightly out off the track What I wanted to say is that some piece of cloth or accessory can mean a lot more to you than to another person. To you it can be a diamond , to someone else a rhinestone. 

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 bld-breakfastlunchdinner as well :)
Thank you
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P.s: As you can see I have another blog just about food. I'm considering to delete the blog and post the food posts on this blog. How do you think about it??


Erica said...

I love the white lacy dress. Perfect for hot summer weather.

I think it would be great to incorporate your food posts on this blog. It would cut down on readers having to jump back and forth between the two blogs to read all the posts. Just food for thought.

criscrascrus said...

thanks for your coment, nice selection! xx

Carol said...

Sure I know 2NE1, they're great! :)
Nice outfits btw, I especially love the 1st in the 4th picture ;)

indie by heart said...

Gorgeous choices ! Especially the maxi looks, since I'r love to get some more maxi dresses & skirts ^^

Thank you for the comment by the way. It would be so nice to stay in touch, so stop by anytime & I'll visit back, or follow & I'll do the same for you. Have a nice weekend!

Indie by heart

Pop Champagne said...

the leopard maxi looks great! and I'd def wear that with the black crop top, awesome styling!

Well... said...

Oh my the maxi set, I want the third outfit so bad ♥
Haha, great inspiration here!

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Jessica said...

i would like all of these pieces please :D hahah


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

I'm loving the maxis I find all over the place. It's such a great look. And it's actually a great piece to transition from warmer weather to layering up with for the colder weather.


Talisa said...

Hast du super zusammengestellt:)

Psycho Cat said...

Nice post, I want everything that is maxi :D

Carla Florendo said...

omigosh im into maxis too.. but i cant really wear them cos im petite... ugh anyway great post!

xo, Carla


I love maxi skirts and dresses! :) They're so easy to wear and most importantly, comfortable. I saw that you're from Seoul and I actually might be visiting come August. I can't wait to check out the fashion there!


Natascha Coester said...

Nice looks :)

KMD said...

예쁜 맥시 스커트네요^0^ 음식 블로그는 여기 합치는게 좋을것같아요

Stylish By Nature said...

Great choices !!

New post up...

la floresta desordenada said...

awww.. love the maxis, the wedges on the first picture as well as the blacks... so pretty!