Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh, crack

So here's another post about nailpolish! This time I used two colors as you can see; the blue color is from Innisfree and the black from The Faceshop (all two are Korean brands)
By the way, the bottle that I'm holding is the topcoat(trasparent) and not the color that you can see in the picture.

A  brighter shot. As you can see the blue color contains glittering. But the glitter grains are not that large but rather really tiny. 

In this picture I tried to capture the details - the black cracks and how they really go well along with the blue color. I think that this black "crack" color matches with almost all colors: violet, red, transparent, pink ...! Just anything.

Sorry, this post was written (a little bit) in a rush but I thought it was time for a new update. I was kind of busy redecorating my room. Actually.. just a part of it, which is way more time consuming than I thought because one furniture didn't arrived yet! You will going to read all about this in my next post:)

P.S.: I decided to collaborate my food blog BLD with this blog. That means that you can from now on enjoy some delicious pictures on rainbow colored thoughts!


criscrascrus said...

it looks very cool! xx

Stylish By Nature said...

Super !! I want to try it now :)

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Lipsia said...

Hi, pretty blog and great work :-)
I have followed you, follow me back please :-)


Well... said...

Oooh, I need to try this on my nails! Love the crackle effect :)

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Erica said...

Ha Ha! What a perfect post title. I've never tried cracked polish before. Such a cool effect.

Kier Mellour said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment and for following. Your blog is adorable! Following you back!

I've been slightly hesitant to try the crackle polish trend, but it looks cool on you!

With Love From Hollywood, Kier

Fashion Addict
Fashion Addict

Carol said...

This is really beautiful! Love it.

MDK said...

원 라스트 퍼니쳐ㅠㅠ 결국 음식블로그는 합쳐지는군요? 축하합니다~

Ile Odarod said...

I've been wanting for so long to try this style!

Did you had a hard time accomplishing this?

Btw, I can't believe I haven't followed you yet. SO I followed you now. Care to follow back?

Pop Champagne said...

love the crackle effect, this looks so cool!

Jessica said...

you are so sweet! love the crackle look!!


Luisa said...

oh man, das ist echt ein mega fettes kompliment( finde ich), aber ich glaube in der realität würde man kaum eine ähnlichkeit erkenne :D aber vielen dank! :) deine nägel sehen wirklich richtig cool aus, bei mir funktioniert das crackling (?) meist nciht so richtig :/ aber auch alleine die farbkombi gefällt mir! :)

David Diaz said...


xo - David

Natascha Coester said...

Looks so good :)

Natascha Coester said...

Looks so good :)

Audrey Allure said...

Love it! It looks great :)

Heather said...

Love it! I need to get a crackle polish. Still never tried it out.

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

it turned out well - the blue was the perfect under color. i love how these polishes look, but they aren't really my personal style - but i love seeing them on others.

Chezka said...

Ooh cracked nails! I have tried and loved these! Great color you chose!


Tere Ávila said...

great this nails, i really love them!


sammycx said...

I love these nails! such a great look!


Song- Thanh said...

Love the nails and the title, haha!

Anonymous said...

looks great! xx

borka gamero said...

Hey doll! Following you now on GFC! beautiful nails! thank you for stopping by my blog... means a lot to me... lets stay connected!
much love

Emily Wells said...

I have to say I am terrible at painting my nails, so this is very impressive to me! Very cool.


Kirtana John said...

hey, love ur style and love ur blog...following u! (:
check out ma blog n follow me if u like it too http://memypendown.blogspot.in/
much love.x

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