Friday, June 29, 2012

Come back Pt.II & July Wishlist

Ugh... in my last post I said that I would come back and update my blog at least once a week...which, as you can see.. I didn't. So now I'm back(again) and this time I promise to myself and of course to you all that I will NOT neglect my blog for a second time. I'm still busy but this time I 'm really going to update my blog at least once a week (or twice!). I will try to take/find a lot of pictures of fashion items, make up stuff etc. this week and will come back with a much more exciting post next week! My other blog  made a "come back" as well. Hope you will enjoy it,too.

And now  here's my July wishlist
Nailpolish by Maybelline #220 Orange Fix, #289 Plum Paradise, #350 Blue Freeze,#370 Shoking Seas/ Maybelline The Falsies waterproof_need a new bottle of that mascara / It shiny shimmer base from Banila Co./ Marron 5 new album Overexposed/ Beeno DVD/CD drawer by IKEA/ BYHOLMA/MARIEBERG chair by IKEA/ Floral Bow Platform heels by F21/ Wooden Platform Pumps by F21/ Cat bracelet by F21 /Rustic Floral bracelet by F21/ Rhinestone Eagle ring and Wing ring by F21/ Flower broche hairclip by F21/ Olivia Cut Out Dress by Love by Topshop

Have a look @ bld-breakfastlunchdinner as well :)
Thank you


kirstyb said...

oh i love the shoes that you chose x

Ali Hval said...

Is that a peacock feather ring of some sort? It's so neat! Those are lovely nail colors as well. :)