Monday, December 6, 2010

New Stuff and Spare Time

As you might know (or not click here) I got accepted to an university a few weeks ago (yay! still excited!)
And because the new school terms starts at the beginning of March I have so much spare time these days. So I bought a lot of things that I always wanted and some stuff that I could enjoy in my free time. Really happy right now...but the bad side : I'm broke now.

I usually don't buy four magazines. Way too expensive.

New DVDs. They were on sale!!
Oh, and in case you wonder why there is a Cinderella DVD...
I just wanted to rewatch it. Go back again and get the feeling as I was younger. You should try that,too :)

Ipod Classic in black.
I didn't wanted to buy I pod touch because I needed a MP3 player with a lot of space
and obviously I pod Classic was the best choice - 160 GB!

Marron 5- Hands All Over (Deluxe Edition).
Love this album.

I orgainzed my closet. There's too much crap that I don't need. Have to get some space because I'm going shoping with my mom next week :D
I'm going to upload a "nicer version" of my closet next time (+ new FASHION items)

I also bought a lot of books. Currently I'm reading Brida by Paulo Coelho.
A Korean book called 그러니까 당신도 써라. (Means: You should write) It's a book about writing.
Also re-reading the Anne Franks Diary.

I have a question to you.
"What do you think would be the best to do if someone has A LOT of spare time until March. Is there anything new/exciting that you could recommend ? (Besides reading books,cooking and watching movies)"
Thanks in advance:)

Have a look @ bld-breakfastlunchdinner :)
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ching said...

ooohh congrats on being accepted. i'm also waitinf for an acceptance letter for a university. i hope mine comes soon.
oh wow spare time is always great to learn a new language, cooking and reading. i have the same ipod as yours, 160GB is amazing ain't it?
i love that album by maroon5, i'm listening to it right now.haha

alannah. said...

oh thats cool, what are you doing at uni?
hm... all i do over the summer holidays is work lots, hit the beach lots & read lots & just do all the stuff i dont get a chance to do during uni!x

Whora said...

Congratz, on being accepted!
I need a new iPod too...


kleinetanzfee. said...

herzlichen glückwunsch =)
für was hast du dich denn beworben? :-*

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh how exciting!!! :D :D Great stuff :)
as for when you have a lot of spare time....hmmm...start a new hobby? Travel?

Isabel said...

i think you should enjoy your free time until march because then you will be so busy with school. spend lots of time at angel in us drinking cofee and browsing at kyobo. thats what i would do :)

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aaach ja das ist schön wenn man ein paar Monate frei hat! Aber irgendwann fält einem die Decke auf den Kopf. Ich hatte auch mal so ne Zeit, da hab ich dann versucht mehr Sport zu machen, mir Orte in meiner Stadt angeschaut wo ich schon immer hinwollte, auch Museen und so :)
Ach dir fällt schon was ein!

Just Another Londoner said...

Well done for getting into University! I'm so jealous of your free time, you don't even understand. I know if I was you I'd visit all the obscure places in my city (museums, shops, just random cool places!) I've never been to.
(Plus, German and Korean? That's such a rad combination!)

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Lovely shots Hanna *_*
So cool, really!

Thanks for your lovely comment ;)


Luisa said...

:D süß. Naja, mein Wochenende lief wirklich nciht so ganz wie geplant ab, echt blöd :/ aber "chillren" muss auch mal sein, bevor der ganze stress wieder los geht :) Du hast dich ja auch wirklich mit jeder menge Zeugs eingedeckt aber auf jeden Fall eine gute Auswahl!
Danke übrigens auch :) ..aber was man in der Zeit, bis märz noch alles so machen kann ui. Da fällt dir bestimmt noch was ein!

Tay Talk said...

Look at all your fun new stuff! I agree that magazines are too expensive but they are fun to buy from time to time.

What I would do with spare time?? The list is endless.

Practice yoga everyday and or train and run another marathon.

Print all the my photos that I wish were printed and hanging on the wall.

Cook more.

Learn another language and or become better at ASL.

Visit family as often as possible.

Take road trips to new places.

Catch up on sleep.

Go to all the antique stores looking for neat find.

Volunteer at local shelter.

Ok...I'll stop, my mind is drifting into wishful thinking land.

Back to work!

ENJOY YOUR TIME OFF! Because when it's over and you are busy as a bee, you'll wish you had a day off.

Marie a la Mode said...

Cinderella is my favorite Disney movie. I still the VHS version ; ) Congrats on getting into Univeristy!

Ashley said...

Nice! You have excellent taste in films...Guys and Dolls is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites ever! Congratulations about getting accepted into university...there's so much awesome stuff you could do to fill your time! Books and movies are one...and, if it were me, I'd also put a lot of time into my photography and blog, because those are the things I enjoy the most!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

lovely x hivennn.

Silkybow said...

I actually wished that Australia sold updated korean magazines, the magazines are always so thick and nice to look at! :D

Louisa said...

Danke für dein Kommentar :)
Sehr tolle Fotos!

eugenialejos said...

lovely and nice blog! I follow you of course;)

Just Another Londoner said...

Haha yeah I did that in the summer actually...intended to go to loads of cultural things and then didn't! Ooh a haircut? Exciting!

Samantha said...

DO WRITING PROMPTS! Or make some kind of list and go through the whole thing (like local restaurants to try or tourist traps to visit). Try to meet new people :) Do the kinds of projects you normally put off doing because you have school/work. Blog a lot. Haha.

liana said...

love the mag choices!!
uuh i know they all add living outta home and ill buy mags even with no money but then ill end up eating toast hahaha.
love singing in the rain too a great choice!

Anonymous said...

Aw, congratulations on getting accepted! That must be a really, really fantastic feeling, and I wish you the best =) And if I had that much spare time, I would (personally) train for a marathon... haha, but only do it if you really, really, really want it. Running a marathon is on my bucket list, and I heard that it can be a really important accomplishment once someone actually accomplishes it. But other ideas for people with free time would be, I suppose, perhaps explore your city more? Learn a new talent like knitting/crocheting or ventriloquy, haha. I really don't know. Learning to cook/read/watching movies (+10000 for seeing The English Patient in your stack of DVD's!!) sounds like perfect pastimes as of now.

- Sharon

Anisa said...

Hmm, if you have extra time, you should perhaps get a job and make some dinero $$$? Just a thought, I wish I had extra spending money in college, boo! Love your Maroon 5 cd, i saw them live this year and they were epically amazing (not to mention HOT HOT HOT!)

Congrats again on getting into college, what an amazing moment in your life! I'll never forget getting my acceptance either!


that girl lucy said...

aww major congrats girlie!
ooh i have a thing for old movies <3
and happy shopping!

Amandamarie said...

congrats about university!


Kathleen Carla. said...

aamen on organizing the closet, mine is soo messy! haha. i need to treat my clothes better. anyways, i really love all the new things you got! nylon + vogue is my fav. and loove all the DVDs, esp the romeo&juliet one, have you seen the one with Leonardo di Caprio? :)

<3, Kathleen.

Becca. said...

love all the magazines, i've always wanted to read vogue girl!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Dear Girl said...

hej , i like your blog! Loved the magazines, and I am a big fan of Korean movies!!!=( I had a set of cd's here that too bad won't play in USA ( Freeze ) , familiar? anyway, pls look at my site and you're welcome to follow if you like!

your new follower:
Dear Girl

Luisa said...

Ich bekomme das Lied echt nciht mehr aus dem Kopf :D aber ich finde auch täglich ieinen neuen Song.

STARR said...

Great buys :) Cleaning out the closet is dfinitely a good idea when you have time.
You could try doing something creative if you're interested (designing/painting/sculpting etc.),

Sabina said...

All those magazines starting to look like books nowadays :)))
Glad I came across your blog! If you get the time, please visit mine - I think you might like it ;))) If you do, just like any blogger, I appreciate comments and if you like it THAT much, then followers :D Have a nice day xxx

skeletaldreams said...

i'm looking forward to buying this exact ipod in the new year, 8gb is just not enough!